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Rack and Ruin acoustic

A Rack and Ruin acoustic performance in 2018 at The Willow and Tool Music Parlour in Long Itchington was reviewed by Tony Collins in the Hot Music Live on-line magazine. Here’s part of what he said:

“The band started their set with three reels featuring the highly regarded Nigel Ward on fiddle, I only caught the name of one of them “Lady Anne Montgomery” but all three were “most excellent” a turn of phrase adopted if not coined by John McIntosh the “Tool” of the Willow & Tool band, our hosts for the evening. There followed a Mick Bisiker original “Ball and Chain” In fact Bisiker originals peppered the set from start to finish.
There is no doubt that their performance was enhanced by the inclusion of Deb [Gomme] on saxophones and Chris [Radley] on bass guitar. Nigel Ward was given free rein to exhibit his skills on not only fiddle, but guitar and mandola too. At one point in the proceedings, the mandola was handed to Bob Brooker who happened to be in the audience, so the band in effect became a five piece. There can be no doubt that Mick has tremendous guitar skills, some of the sequences he produced were mind boggling.”.

You can read the full review on Hot Music Live – Rack and Ruin review.
Thanks to Tony Collins for the photo.
Thanks also to everyone who turned up to support the band. You were a very appreciative audience and your response made all the difference to the band on the night.

Napton Festival 2017
Rack and Ruin performed on the Main Stage at the Napton Festival 2017. Andrew Lock from Hot Music Live said:
The middle part of the evening’s entertainment was a fabulous display of folk with a touch of celtic rock and plenty of top fiddle playing (along with a wide variety of instruments on display) by the Band of Rack and Ruin.

Folk on the Water 2017

The band played a short set at The Boat at Birdingbury as part of the festival. It was well received by those that decided to brave the drizzle.

Tony Collins reviewed the gig:

The highlight of the night for me was Mick Bisiker and “elements” of his Rack and Ruin Band. They are a true ceilidh band and it brought that “something” that tempted the audience to get up and dance. I know many toes were tapping.
Photo courtesy of Kilsby Open Music Collective Blog.

The Humber, Coventry

Photo courtesy of Tony Collins.
Rack and Ruin play at The Humber on the last friday of every month.

Going out to your local pub and hearing good live music isn’t as easy to do as it once was.   Happily  Coventry’s Humber pub, in Humber Road, off Binley Road, is doing something about it. Those who headed there on a wet Friday night in July were rewarded by a rumbustious set from local folk-rock band Rack and Ruin, whose Celtic-tinged, fiddle-driven music had a bar full of punters singing and capering by closing time, with
even the smokers outside jigging on the wet pavement.

At the heart of the band is stalwart of the Coventry folk scene Nigel Ward,
 whose scintillating fiddle-playing is irresistible to toes and feet, with Mick 
Bisiker providing accomplished guitar accompaniment and vocals.

They are ably supported by drums, bass and occasional saxophone, as they showcase
 many familiar Irish favourites, interspersed with fiery jigs and reels. Variety is
 provided by original material and classic English folk, all performed with no
 less intensity.

Sounds good? Well, the band have an end of month residency at the Humber 
through the [rest of 2018].   And even better, the gigs are free.

John Hudson
Elementary Whats on (Coventry and Warwickshire) website 22 July 2017